Be Well Advised Series:
Peter Borszcz
Lawyer/Partner - Montgomery Miles & Stone

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In This Video

What you need to know when buying and selling waterfront properties on Okanagan Lake:

  • Who governs docks on Okanagan Lake? [1:34]
  • What is the high water mark and how is it established? Why is identifying the high water mark important? [2:14]
  • What are the 3 different types of dock tenures? Which one applies to Okanagan Lake for residential owners? [3:24]
  • What do you need to worry about if you buy a property with an old dock? What if it’s been termed ‘non-compliant’? [5:38]
  • What are the different layers of governing authority with living on the waterfront in the Kelowna area? [8:15]
  • What needs to be disclosed and provided when you sell a waterfront property? [9:40]
  • Is the dock attached to a waterfront title? Does it automatically transfer from one owner to the next? [11:02]
  • As a buyer, what do you need to be focused on when looking to buy a water front property with a dock? [15:47]
  • If you own or are looking to own a home in a waterfront strata, what do you need to be aware of? [17:34]

About Peter


Peter Borszcz is a Lawyer and partner at Montgomery Miles and Stone Law Firm, practicing in the areas of business law, real estate development, commercial real estate, and so much more. In addition to his work at the firm, Peter Borszcz is a legal-update instructor for the Real Estate Council of British Columbia and teaches both Commercial Legal Update and Residential Legal Update to real estate licensees across the province.

Kelowna Neighbourhood:

What Peter says about his neighbourhood... "I live close to Gyro Beach in the Lower Mission, walkable outdoor lifestyle, bike to work, close to amenities, schools and friends… We love this neighborhood so much instead of moving we demolished our old house and built new just to stay here."

Contact Peter

You can reach out to Peter at Montgomery Miles and Stone Law Firm


Waterfront Terms & Definitions


The part of the shore between high and low water marks, or between the water and cultivated/developed land.

High Water Mark:

The level reached by a lake or river at its highest stand. Determined by a professional survey.

Dock Licence:

Docks can be granted via General Permission to Occupy. Specific Permission to Occupy, or a lease.

Upland Owner:

The definition means the legal owner of the waterfront land located above the high water mark.

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